1. Favorite Chair

From the recording nobody's satellite (2017)

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Produced by Adam Steinberg - Recorded by Dave Westner at Woolly Mammoth Sound (Waltham, MA) - Mixed by Dave Westner at Side Hill Sound (Waltham, MA)

Amy - piano, vox


Favorite Chair
Amy Fairchild, So Fair Music/BMI

She’s sitting alone in her favorite chair
Her eyes are closed but she knows I’m there
And with every breath
I can hear her heart
Falling apart

She’s watching the lights of the super 8
Story of her life on a different day
And with every reel
I can feel her fading away

I’ll never know who she wanted to be
She’d never show something like that to me
Sometimes it comforts me
That she lived a life I won’t
And sometimes it don’t

There was a boy who took my heart
We lit a fire fumbling in the dark
She took my hand and we drove that car
And put out the spark

I’ll never know what she was thinking that day
She’d never show or give it away
Sometimes I can hear her
In the cool October wind
But most times I can’t

I can’t say that I believe she’s looking down
Saving me from least of all myself
But I can’t see
How I didn’t have a little help

I’ll never know
Where she went off to
There’s only so much I buy into
Sometimes it comforts me
That I’m so much like she wasn’t
And sometimes it doesn’t

I’m sitting alone in my favorite chair
There’s nobody home but I know she’s there